Sunday, April 10, 2011

the weekend

My weekend started off to an awesome start...Friday after work or rather my time volunteering at a Dr.'s office. I picked up my younger sister at school we hung out went to DQ then the zoo and to her house where we had dinner :) stayed there till about midnight then headed home to BED!!
Saturday I woke up pretty early to get ready to hit the streets to Loyola for the postsecret event. It was my first one and it was pretty cool. Most of the secrets were about God which I believe in fully, but don't participate in any organized religion because I grew up confused. :/ Fridays I'd go to the mosque with my dad and Sunday's I'd go to the catholic church with my mom. Afterwards my friend and I sat by the lake talking and then we headed to my favorite shawarma spot George's Grill. YUMMMMMMY! Then to a bar haha we had a couple drinks then headed to my friends where I napped for 4 hours. I was clearly tired. Then off to Doc Ryan's and Slanite's on madison st. in Forest park..where my night drastically changed from excellent to FML! I walked towards my car to ask myself where is my car?!? It was like a bad scene from Dude Where's My Car?? Because it was missing!!! But I was sober and hadn't just woken up from bad dream/night. Come to find out my car had NOT been stolen, but TOWED!! There went 200 bucks right down the drain.

Last night I had a lil convo with a new friend::::::convo start here::::::

NF: What do you do?
ME: Volunteer in a Dr.s office for 160 hrs so I can graduate and then hopefully work for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist so I can use my other schooling.
NF: Which was?
ME: Esthetics
NF: OOOH cool...Why do you do what you do?
ME: I guess because I like helping people and making them feel BEAUTIFUL!
NF: Yea, I do too I guess that's why I'm a personal trainer
ME: That's so true I never thought about it that way!!

SO why do you do what you do?!?

On to other things:
Why does the Peace corps make you have a bachelors degree?!? I want to join so bad, but I'm lacking that damn paper :( Just because I don't have the degree doesn't mean I'm uneducated or couldn't help. I hate that they discriminate. I have college hours in business, 740 hrs+ a license in Esthetics which requires a science knowledge base, plus come August I will be a certified Medical Assistant. SO...why can I not help?!?! I'm smart, hard working, willing to help so WTF?? ANy thoughts from you?!?!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm new to About Me..seems to be fitting

The name is Arkia Marnie.
Smiling is the name of my game :) 
I'm 24 living in Chicago
I'm Moroccan and German hence the name the rockin Gerroccan 
I'm pretty random at times
I live to makes my heart sing 
I'm in love with make-up, clothes, and hair tools 
I've traveled to half of the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Netherlands, & Morocco more to come
My friends are my life 
I listen to music mostly for the lyrics and occasionally the beat so my music collection is pretty all over the place
I'm a chance taker,risk taker, booty shaker, troublemaker.
I'm a girl to be found around town, and I like to get down. 
I'm a full figured girl and damn proud of it.
I love makeup and shoes to the point of addiction.. 
I love to laugh, and always do so very loudly.
I'm always looking for new people to meet and fun adventures to have.  
I believe in being a tourist in your own city
My dog Trix is my son, go ahead laugh!