Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm new to About Me..seems to be fitting

The name is Arkia Marnie.
Smiling is the name of my game :) 
I'm 24 living in Chicago
I'm Moroccan and German hence the name the rockin Gerroccan 
I'm pretty random at times
I live to makes my heart sing 
I'm in love with make-up, clothes, and hair tools 
I've traveled to half of the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Netherlands, & Morocco more to come
My friends are my life 
I listen to music mostly for the lyrics and occasionally the beat so my music collection is pretty all over the place
I'm a chance taker,risk taker, booty shaker, troublemaker.
I'm a girl to be found around town, and I like to get down. 
I'm a full figured girl and damn proud of it.
I love makeup and shoes to the point of addiction.. 
I love to laugh, and always do so very loudly.
I'm always looking for new people to meet and fun adventures to have.  
I believe in being a tourist in your own city
My dog Trix is my son, go ahead laugh!

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