Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I love the Gays&the Gays love me

What I wore..Target Purple Shirt, Aero Tank Top, Silver Jeans, Boutique Peace Key Ring, Tiffany braclet and Ring, Hamsa bracelet from Morocco.

Last week I had no power for about a day and lemme tell ya it was the WORST day!! nah, it wasn't that bad, but it did suck.

I had a super fun/super busy weekend! On friday I had lunch with my dad, then took my younger sister to the pool, then had a date!! Which I thought went well, but apparently didn't since I haven't talked to the guy since saturday. AH well you win some you lose some.

Saturday I hung out at home then had a bbq with my aunt, cousin, and cousins friend. Then I went to my towns festival to watch American English (beatle's cover band) and the fireworks (of course) can't miss those!!

Sunday I woke up early to head to boystown (gay hood of chicago) for pride parade! What a fiasco that was. It took us about an 1.5 traveling time on the EL (public transport) because we had to skip 2 brown lines since they were overly packed to capacity. FINALLY we made it there!! woohoo..once there it was SOOO crowded and hot! We couldn't even get close enough to see the parade. 4 us decided to go grab lunch at a local watering hole. BIIG mistake since we sat there for over an hour before even being asked if we wanted a beverage ( of course we did) it was hotter then hell! By the time we got our food we had probably been in there for like 2 hours so we headed back out to find the rest of our crew. Well we didn't find them, but we found the parade still going on, LONGEST parade ever! Then we saw some craZii people dancing and shaking their stuff on top of a tilting 7-11 semi. Girls were showing their breasts as if it were Bourbon Street celebrating Mardi Gras . It was crazii one girl was damn near naked with only a thong on and there were men and women kissing her and grabbing her. It was disgusting and I'm sure she'll be awfully embarrassed as soon as that video shows up on YouTube since there WERE people recording it.

Monday 4 of us hit up the taste of CHicago. IT was yummmmy in our tummies! The taste is when about 50 restaurants have stands and you can taste their food! It's an awesome way to find new places to eat. IT was soooooooo hot!! But none of us wanted to drink anything for fear of needing to use the washroom and being stuck with using a Port-a-potty!! YUCKYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

Monday, June 20, 2011

Puerto Rican Hippy...whaaaaaaaaat?

This passed weekend I enjoy a few of the many fests Chicago has to offer!
On Saturday I went to the Peace Fest with a few my lovely lady loves. It's mostly a bunch of hippies or rather people dressed as hippies hanging out in Lincoln Park listening to music and smoking. I don't smoke, but it was craZii to see so many people openly smoking when it's illegal and the kicker the Police were there!! haha they didn't bother anyone at all they were just there to make sure nothing got out of control. There were also stands where beaded jewelry, purses, hats and Rastafarian stuff was sold. We were there for a short while to just check it out. It wasn't really our scene. We were all hungry so we went to grub it up at Hollywood Grill where we all helped ourselves to some burgers :). After our tummies were full we were thirstyyyyyyyy..haha... so we headed to Wicker Park. It's a really hip area filled with bars and restaurants. We hit up a few different ones first was Salud where an old friend of happens to work now..weird!! We each had a some Tequilaaaaaaa since it's a tequila bar. Then we went to some place with no name just a Star on their sign. So we named it Rockstar Tacos lol..because they sold booze n tacos and it was outside. We hated it there!! We chugged our drinks and were out! Then we found ourselves to a lil pub with outdoor seating called Pint. That's were stayed for the rest of the night. We had mimosas, vegas bombs, lemon drops, and Malibu with pineapple and cranberry. By the time we left we were all a little happier :)
On Sunday funday since it was fathers day I spent the day with my daddy and my brother and his family then later on with my brother and sister. My dad really loves Chinese and Indian buffets. UFFT! I prefer nicer places where my food is brought to me, but whatever makes the old man happy. We opted for the Indian buffet. So we helped ourselves to salad, lentils, naan, tandoori chicken, & whatever else they had I don't remember :/. After that we dropped our dad off at home then picked up our younger sister (my fam is strange) haha and headed to the Puerto Rican fest. We had some virgin Pina Colodas, ate some empanadas, and rode some rides. OH yea played some games and won some prizes. I really love the moments I get to spend with my siblings. There is 8 of us..9 soon. But we all grew up separately from one another. The oldest is 39 and the youngest so far is 3.5. Yes, my dad is a busy busy man. HAHA there are only 3 of us that live in Chicago though so that's why it was just the 3 of us yesterday.

What I wore..Forever 21 tank tops and shorts, Target Sandals, Coach Purse, Boutique Peace Key Ring, Tiffany Bracelet & Ring, Hamsa bracelet from Morocco

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

Friday, June 17, 2011

How to...Get baby soft skin :)

1. Jump in the shower
2. Wash your hair, then face, then body
3. Take Lush's Buffy Bar to exfoliate and moisturize 
4. Take The Body Shop Body Polish for extra exfoliation ( I like mine in Satsuma) 
5. Take extra moisturizing body wash with shea butter ( I use Walgreens brand) but you can use Olay if you don't have Walgreens.
6. Hop out the shower and towel off
7. Spray a Body Oil (like neutrogena) if you would like. I usually don't, but if you have super dry skin I recommend this step. 
8. Get dressed :) 
I promise you if you do this your going to have the softest skin ever!! I do this and I'm always complemented on how soft my skin is and I don't even use lotion 

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

Sunday, June 12, 2011

All I do is win...all I do is shop

So the last two days all I have done is shop shop shop...I think my parents should have named me lil shopper rather than Arkia, but hey whatevs! Hahah. I found some ahhhhmazing goodies that I'm so excited to use. I've already used a couple. And then I bought a bunch of make-up ( my weakness) from ELF ( I found a 50% off coupon on the internet so I said to myself hey hey hey!! I'm gonna go crazy on ELF and that is exactly what I did. The rest of my goodies are from the Aurora Outlet Mall from the Cosmetic store, Coach, & Kate Spade New York.
 Kate Spade NY Shoes
 Coach Crossbody Bag, Camera Case, & Wristlet
 MAC tinted balm spf20, DeVil eyeshadow, Lilicent creme blush, & Bobbi Brown lippie in Tangerine
 ELF  Studio line eyeliner/shadow duos, matte lipsticks, pigments, creme eyeliner & Mineral lip liner
 Essential Line lip glosses, lashes, all over color stick, & facial whip
 Studio Line powder/liquid foundation ( sand & buff) make-up setting spray
 Studio line brushes ( Contour, Stippling, Eyeshadow 'C', & Powder) 

Studio Line Blush ( tickled pink & giddy gold), Golden Bronzer, & Kabuki Brush 

I now own just about ALL the ELF studio line products. I have to say I'm in LOVE with them because they're cheap cheap cheap and really good quality for the price tag. Studio Line products are usually $3/item some cost a lil more, but with 50% off they're only $1.50 can't beat that!! Essential Line is all $1/item and the Mineral Line is a bit more pricey at about $5/per item. 

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia