Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eggplant Parm

The other day I picked the last of the eggplants from our garden. I decided to use one of them for eggplant parm! I enjoy it, but rarely eat it. So i figured hey I've got the supplies why not have a little comfort food.  I served it with sauteed mushrooms. I used white wine, butter, salt, and pepper for those bad boys! I also served creamettes aka little macaroni noodles.

Whisked egg with salt and pepper
 bread crumbs 
 Eggplant and oil frying
 Pieces waiting to be fried
 Mushroom/garlic sauce in the bottom so they don't burn 
 One piece of eggplant, layer of cheese, and another piece of eggplant
 showing the cheese 
 The finished yumminess! 
 The plate :) 

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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