Saturday, May 7, 2011

flat curls..oh joy!

Old Navy Black tank top

Borrowed shirt from my aunt's closet, Forever 21 jeans, forever 21 beanie

Ok, here goes naturally I have flat straight hair which I usually don't mind, but everyone once in a while i love to switch it up a bit! today being one of those days, but sadly i DO NOT know how to use a curling iron after watching hours of Youtube how to's. i wish i knew was wrong with me. well i attempted to curl my own hair this afternoon and instead of looking like long luxurious curls i ended up with a messy looking fro, how you wonder?!? well i was a hair model at the hair a few months ago and the stylist chopped my hair to hell to give me layers to add volume, did i get more volume? not so much. but none the less i still love my hair. i'm 24 and had to have my aunt curl my hair...i have no shame in my game! haha..well my hair is still flat, but at least it has a bit of a curl compared to usual. ohh yea and if your wondering why in the heck i have a head in the background it's because i DID attend beauty school, but for aesthetics NOT cosmetology and that head was used to practice the technique of a european facial.
The fluffy hair pix are my today hair..the teddy bear one is my everyday flat straight hair

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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