Monday, May 2, 2011

Secret Millionaire ...water works anyone?!?

Seriously addicted! I love this show. Whenever I watch it cry the entire episode and then feel guilty about being happy with my life. I'm not lucky i'm blessed, yes! At least sort of...I'm blessed in the sense as to I have the freedom to do as I please, I can do what I want without having a job for short periods of time. I can travel as I's barely the start of April and I've been on 3 vacations this year. Vegas, LA, back to Vegas. Whenever I watch this show I feel the NEED to get out there in my city and find a way to help. I've been wanting to volunteer at a food center/homeless shelter for months now, but have I really gone searching for one?! Not really, shame on me!! For Christmas last year I was all gung-ho with this GREAT idea, but never followed thru it..MY great idea, you ask? To find an abused women's/children's shelter and find someone to DRESS as Mr. Claus himself with a bag full of Goodies for the kiddies and hair dressers/make-up artists for the mamas! ANd then then they could have a family photo with santa w/the mamas lookin fresh and the kiddies lookin extra happy during their rough patch. I promise my heart is always in the right place it's just a matter of having the motivation to get it together.

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