Monday, June 20, 2011

Puerto Rican Hippy...whaaaaaaaaat?

This passed weekend I enjoy a few of the many fests Chicago has to offer!
On Saturday I went to the Peace Fest with a few my lovely lady loves. It's mostly a bunch of hippies or rather people dressed as hippies hanging out in Lincoln Park listening to music and smoking. I don't smoke, but it was craZii to see so many people openly smoking when it's illegal and the kicker the Police were there!! haha they didn't bother anyone at all they were just there to make sure nothing got out of control. There were also stands where beaded jewelry, purses, hats and Rastafarian stuff was sold. We were there for a short while to just check it out. It wasn't really our scene. We were all hungry so we went to grub it up at Hollywood Grill where we all helped ourselves to some burgers :). After our tummies were full we were thirstyyyyyyyy..haha... so we headed to Wicker Park. It's a really hip area filled with bars and restaurants. We hit up a few different ones first was Salud where an old friend of happens to work now..weird!! We each had a some Tequilaaaaaaa since it's a tequila bar. Then we went to some place with no name just a Star on their sign. So we named it Rockstar Tacos lol..because they sold booze n tacos and it was outside. We hated it there!! We chugged our drinks and were out! Then we found ourselves to a lil pub with outdoor seating called Pint. That's were stayed for the rest of the night. We had mimosas, vegas bombs, lemon drops, and Malibu with pineapple and cranberry. By the time we left we were all a little happier :)
On Sunday funday since it was fathers day I spent the day with my daddy and my brother and his family then later on with my brother and sister. My dad really loves Chinese and Indian buffets. UFFT! I prefer nicer places where my food is brought to me, but whatever makes the old man happy. We opted for the Indian buffet. So we helped ourselves to salad, lentils, naan, tandoori chicken, & whatever else they had I don't remember :/. After that we dropped our dad off at home then picked up our younger sister (my fam is strange) haha and headed to the Puerto Rican fest. We had some virgin Pina Colodas, ate some empanadas, and rode some rides. OH yea played some games and won some prizes. I really love the moments I get to spend with my siblings. There is 8 of us..9 soon. But we all grew up separately from one another. The oldest is 39 and the youngest so far is 3.5. Yes, my dad is a busy busy man. HAHA there are only 3 of us that live in Chicago though so that's why it was just the 3 of us yesterday.

What I wore..Forever 21 tank tops and shorts, Target Sandals, Coach Purse, Boutique Peace Key Ring, Tiffany Bracelet & Ring, Hamsa bracelet from Morocco

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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