Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I love the Gays&the Gays love me

What I wore..Target Purple Shirt, Aero Tank Top, Silver Jeans, Boutique Peace Key Ring, Tiffany braclet and Ring, Hamsa bracelet from Morocco.

Last week I had no power for about a day and lemme tell ya it was the WORST day!! nah, it wasn't that bad, but it did suck.

I had a super fun/super busy weekend! On friday I had lunch with my dad, then took my younger sister to the pool, then had a date!! Which I thought went well, but apparently didn't since I haven't talked to the guy since saturday. AH well you win some you lose some.

Saturday I hung out at home then had a bbq with my aunt, cousin, and cousins friend. Then I went to my towns festival to watch American English (beatle's cover band) and the fireworks (of course) can't miss those!!

Sunday I woke up early to head to boystown (gay hood of chicago) for pride parade! What a fiasco that was. It took us about an 1.5 traveling time on the EL (public transport) because we had to skip 2 brown lines since they were overly packed to capacity. FINALLY we made it there!! woohoo..once there it was SOOO crowded and hot! We couldn't even get close enough to see the parade. 4 us decided to go grab lunch at a local watering hole. BIIG mistake since we sat there for over an hour before even being asked if we wanted a beverage ( of course we did) it was hotter then hell! By the time we got our food we had probably been in there for like 2 hours so we headed back out to find the rest of our crew. Well we didn't find them, but we found the parade still going on, LONGEST parade ever! Then we saw some craZii people dancing and shaking their stuff on top of a tilting 7-11 semi. Girls were showing their breasts as if it were Bourbon Street celebrating Mardi Gras . It was crazii one girl was damn near naked with only a thong on and there were men and women kissing her and grabbing her. It was disgusting and I'm sure she'll be awfully embarrassed as soon as that video shows up on YouTube since there WERE people recording it.

Monday 4 of us hit up the taste of CHicago. IT was yummmmy in our tummies! The taste is when about 50 restaurants have stands and you can taste their food! It's an awesome way to find new places to eat. IT was soooooooo hot!! But none of us wanted to drink anything for fear of needing to use the washroom and being stuck with using a Port-a-potty!! YUCKYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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