Friday, July 1, 2011

workin girlllllllll

I have a job, but i need a better one! Don't we all?! I'm not a genious, but I'm not as dumb as a box of rocks either so I beg the question, why can't i find a j-o-b?!? I'm hardworking and reliable, thats for sure! Yet, whenever I apply to a job I don't get a call back :( talk about depressing. I have a stable job history I've had 3 jobs and I've kept them for at least 2 yrs! Doesn't that tell employers something, apparently not.

I almost have an associates degree in Business managment/marketing..20 credits short. I have an esthetics lisence, but EVERY SINGLE job posting I see wants at least 1 yr experience WTF!! How can I get experience if NO ONE will give me a shot?? Hello people, use those lovely brains God has gifted you with! Work with a girl!! I'm also a Medical Assistant, although not a certified one, yet! and every single job posting I see for that is CERTIFIED!! How does not being certified make me any less qualified? I can do the EXACT SAME THING and for less money since I'm not certified. I'm working on it though. It's not my fault you have to wait months between sending in your check & app to take the darn test!

I guess I should tell you what my job for the last couple years has been, eh? Well then lemme tell ya, I work as a sales associate at a tanning salon. Basically I try to sell people tanning memberships and products. Woohoo sooooooooooo exciting..NOT! a lil Borat reference work at most 30 hrs a week the least 0 hrs a week for min. wage + commission. The job stresses me out because I'm not the best sales person. You don't want lotion, fine by me, go ahead and tan. You don't want a membership, fine by me, keep paying ridiculous prices to tan. I guess I'm just not pushy enough for the world of sales :/  OHHH YEA.. another thing I HATE ABOUT MY JOB...I'm the lucky person at my location that gets to work HOLIDAYS..OPEN 2 CLOSE! awesome!

ah well enough of my rant!


HAPPY 4th of JULY weekend to my fellow AMERICANS!!

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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