Friday, August 26, 2011

Nail of the day

Who doesn't LOVE sparkles and leopard print? Well I certainly do so today i figured why not combine the two..this is what i came up with...

What I used:

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in #460 thinking of blue as the main base
Then I took some blue glitter that I got in a set at Hong Kong Fashion in Chicago and sprinkled it on top of the wet blue color
Then on my ring finger of both hands I used this leopard print sally hansen effects polish strips...i couldn't get it to work well that is why the tips are chipped, for some reason the tips wouldn't stay attached to my nails...oh well for my first time i was happy
Lastly, I applied Orly's Won't Chip protective polymer top coat to seal in the glitter and make the leopard print shine since it had a matte finish

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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