Monday, August 1, 2011

It's August It's August

Can't believe it's already August! This year is just flying by. Before I know it i'll be 25..eeeeeeekkkkk!! I'm not gonna lie i'm scared about getting older! i am no where near where i envisioned myself being at this age. Although i have been having lots of fun living life :) 
Saturday: I went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the day with one of my cousins. We worked on our tans at the beach, walked around the shops, had a very dull lunch ( popeye's at lake geneva), and we ended the day on a boat :) we went on a 1 hr boat tour of lake Geneva.
Sunday: My aunt and I put on our walking shoes and packed up my lovely Trixie baby and headed to the city   to two farmers markets. i woke up on Sunday in the mood to spend the day outdoors so I hit Google looking for Sunday funday farmers markets. Luckily i found 2! The first one was rather small in Wicker Park. The second was in Logan Square and it was more larger and livelier. At the Logan one they also had prepared food which was awesome! because our tummies were grumbling. I had some yummmmmy fish tacos from Fonda Del Mar. while my aunt had some carne asada (steak)  tacos from Cupid. We also both had an elote (corn) and horchata (rice water) OMG everything was soooooo tasty!! 
Monday: Today i woke up with intentions to head to the gym, but that fizzled quickly. Instead i ran a few errands with my aunt. We went to her job because she needed to turn in some paperwork. She's been on medical leave, she goes back next week. Then we were off to Home Depot to purchase blinds for her room. Then lunch time. After that we were off to Wally-world aka Walmart. I bought a package of 3 men's v-necks, I love to sleep/lounge around in them. I also picked up Sally Hanson complete SALON manicure polish in #460 Thinking of Blue. i really love shade to blue. It's a midnight blue . i didn't like the finish of it so i ended up topping with a top coat. I also bought Equate (walmart brand) comparison to Jergen's body lotion. My legs have been looking a bit ashy with all the chlorine i've been in lately so i decided i should probably moisturize especially since i have a wedding this upcoming saturday. 
Thinking of Blue #460
 A photo of Lake Geneva
 Famers Market Photo

* I got these images from google images*

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