Thursday, July 21, 2011

the big apple babyyyyyyyyyyy

This past weekend I made a trip to the BIG APPLE aka New York City! I went last year the exact same weekend. Sooo with that being said...I didn't take very many pictures on Round 2. I saw pretty much the same things I saw last year :( it's probably because I went with my aunt and cousin again. My aunt was sick, she's even in the hospital at this very moment :( she's been there since the day Tuesday a few hours after we landed from NYC. The reason we went was because my cousin is a Cosmetologist and she was taking a color test at the Redken Exchange on 5th Ave. to become an educator IF she wanted to. We went last summer for the same reason, but she was unable to take the test due to the fact she broken her ankle pretty seriously earlier last year, but we had already bought out plane tix so we went anyways. So since last yr no one was sick or busy we did all the sight seeing! This year on the other hand was a little different. Yes, of course I still got some shopping done. I wouldn't be me if I didn't lol. AND of course I did some eating :) so I have plenty of foodie pix. I also got to see Cirque De Soliel's Zarkana @ Radio City Music Hall in the 15th row w/ my buddy & future MD ALI :) yayyyy!!
 This was just a cute shop we passed on our way into the city of Laguardia
 A random st during sunset 

Carmine's Family Style Italian Rest. BEST BARTENDER FRED!! He gave us some awesome recommendations food and bar wise! He also makes some bomdiggity Sangria :) 
Stuffed Artichoke for the appetizer. $17.50
 Main Dish..Chicken alla Parmageana? Not sure :/ $42.50
 The place! 

 Fred the MAN! 
Total cost w/drinks+tip=$150.00
Yes, It was a bit pricey, but it was a  yummy meal we didn't even finish half of it. We would definitely go back & it's NYC everything is more expensive. 
My cousin, My aunt, and myself 
 Just a pretty centerpiece :) 
 My fave flower + a gorgeous color = PURE LOVE 
 French Toast OMG orgasm in your mouth! 
 Chicken sandwich w/pesto :/ I can't remember I ate half it was good, but not ahhhmazing 
 My cousin was brave and went out her realm with the Ahi Tuna Burger. It was a little too raw for her, but she did a great job! I was proud lol 
 My cousin LOVES dessert more than actual meals so she got some bread pudding. 
I forgot the name of this super cute cafe. I'll have to check my bank statement, but the meal+drinks(non-alcohlic)+tip = $60.00
 I finally saw the naked cowboy!! AHHHH lol I searched for him last summer and didn't find him

 A photo of Times Square
 Future Dr. Ali in Times Square 
 Before we went in!! 
 Dr. Ali and our usher
 Me inside :) Don't mind me lookin a hot mess! 

 Ali and I 
 A few of the Characters. They walked around the orchestra pit for like an hour before the show! It was so awesome, but sadly most of the pix are on my cell phone :( 
 Ali & his fave character 

 One of the musicians and myself 
 Salad de Avacado..not what I was expecting at all 
 Chicken Tortilla Soup...blahhhhhhh in a bowl. All I had was the broth 
The typical Colombian dish..awesome rice, beans, steak, an egg, sausage, and some other thing we didn't know what it was 
 The place we ate the above meal at. The people were nice, but the food was sub par, I would recommend NOT going there for food or drinks since they put salt INTO the margaritas, who does that?? 
The bill $70 with tip.
The place turns into a salsa club after midnight on weekends that I DO recommend 
@ MAD 46 on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel. 
I keep it classy with Champagne :) 
 The next few items including the soup are from O'Connelly's Irish PUb
 Chicken sandwich w/frites 
 I had a tuna steak sandwich w/fries. It was ok, but a bit too bland for my taste
 Outside of Ripley's 
 A s'more pizza CRAZII!! No, I didn't have any
 Chocolate Syringe...bluckkk!! I'm not a sweet person 

 This chocolate was connected thru the whole place I thought it was so cool

 I don't remember what that is from last year, but I did learn about it lol 
 America's debt sadly I was unable to get a really clear picture 
 A view from Union Square

 Washington Park they're clearly trying to copy the Arc De Triomphe a Paris 
 Magnolia Bakery is hectic!
 Pretty cupcakes in the window

 Amber on Upper East Side
I had purchased a Groupon a while in advance so we took advantage. 
 Mixed green salad w/seasame dressing..OMG!! Ahhmazing

 Spicy Tuna, Philly, & salmon 
 Chicken in a peanut sauce 

Veggie Pinapple Rice
After $40 Groupon, the total bill was about $30 including tip 

To be cont....

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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