Thursday, July 21, 2011


Since I WAS in the BIG apple after all I made some BIG splurges while I was there.
Undergarments/Swimsuit @ Linda's in Murray Hill $560.00 
I'm obviously not going to post my undergarments hehe, but here is my lovely swimsuit!
Make-up @ Inglot Times Square...$9.80 for eyeliner & $33.75 for polish and eye shadow 

Polish shade #851 it's a gorgeous black w/gold flecks. 
Eyeliner Iridescent white #34 
Eye shadow palette in #465, #441, #501
Vintage Necklaces from Bleeker St.... $30.00
AC Gears Phosphor watch...$273.00

Ear Candling $50.00 w/tip can't remember the salon :/ it was well worth it! I can hear a lot better now and I finally got stubborn water out of my ear ;) 

60 min Shiatsu massage can't remember the name of that place either $110.00 w/tip

Yes, I may have splurged, but I only splurged on items I CANNOT find at home! Isn't that whole the whole point of going away?!? Learning, seeing, eating, buying things you can't get at home?? Well the last 2 splurges I could easily get at home, but I don't usually do those things for myself. I don't even really get mani/pedis at home since I can do those myself! 

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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