Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bridal Shower & Shopping Saturday

Saturday afternoon was spent in a hot as heck tent outside at a golf course for my cousins Bridal Shower. They warned us to dress in loose clothing since it'd be outside. Chicago weather is a bit bi-polar one day it can be 100+ or can it be 50 degrees. To bad Saturday hadn't been one of those cooler days. I was fine I don't really get hot or sweat so I was comfortable. The rest of the crowd unfortunatly was soooo uncomfortable and fanning themselves with paper plates.

After that my aunt and I decided to hit up yorktown mall and target since we were half way there anyways since the golf course was between our house and the mall. I love shopping so it was my idea :) And besides my aunt had a few things to return to Carson's.

We hit up Carsons for my aunt to return some stuff and buy a new pair of shoes for our upcomming trip to NYC!! While there I spotted a few adorbale items I really really really wanted, but I couldnt bring myself to pay the prices! I found a crochet'd poncho for $85!! I was like wtf...thats too much!! Ever since I started shopping at Forever 21 I cannot bring myself to purchase trendy pieces for that much money it just doesn't make since!  I also found a super cute top with like a native american print on it and it was sheer and short in the front and long in the back. I fell in love with that piece also, but again it was just too pricey! That price tag read $45!! Oh hell no! I always ruin my clothes and how often am I honestly gonna wear those 2 pieces I'm sure not frequently enough to rectify purchasing them for $130. So onwards and upwards to Forever 21 we went. As soon as we walked into Forever 21 what did my lil green eye spot?!? You GUESSED It!! A poncho!! HAHA..for $23 you bet I bought that! haha..I also found a few more goodies.

 Yummy freshly picked raspberries from my yard
 My favorite flower...the daisy!
 My new haircut/at the bridal shower
 What I wore..Forever 21 dress & necklace, target shoes, coach purse, tiffany bracelet & ring, hamsa bracelet from Morocco
 New Forever 21 leopard print Maxi dress $27.80 & belt $8.80 
 Forever 21 Poncho $22.80 Target Sandals $15.00
Forever 21 carpi pants in Black and Olive $15.80 each
                                                                   My love Trix and I

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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