Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delicious Bean Salad

Since summer is sooo hot i really love eating salads....and this one just so happens to be one of my favorites!
What you'll need:
1. A mixing bowl

2. Cutting board.

3. A knife (my personal fave is a santuki knife)

4. Canned black beans (drained & rinsed)

5. Canned chick peas (drained & rinsed)

6. Canned kidney beans (drained & rinsed)

7. A bell pepper (chopped)

8. A few celery stalks (chopped)

9. An onion (chopped)

10. Olive Oil

11. Dijon Mustard (about a teaspoon)

12. Red Wine Vinegar

13. Salt & Pepper (to taste)

1. Add the dijon mustard, oil, & vinegar to the bowl..Whisk together
2. Add beans & veggies after you have rinsed & chopped them of course
3. Add salt & pepper to your liking
4. Mix together
5. EAT!!!!

It will look like the bean salad in the corner of the plate next to the zucchini & couscous

**OOPS!! I forgot about the olives!! Cut them in half and add them too**

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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