Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mini Staycation Sunday

On Sunday my aunt and cousins decided to hit a breakfast cafe called Tiztal OMGosh they have the best food and oatmeal shakes!! mmm good...!! My cousin who now lives in Alabama is in town for the holiday weekend and he also has a few appointments with a Surgeon for his back/neck. So that is why my family decided to do a staycation for the day! It's so fun when you can be a tourist in your own city. You really do learn new things which is always a plus ( in my book anyways). After breakfast we went to Navy Pier and walked around and then we decieded to take an a boat tour on the Chicago river. It was def a great day to be out on the boat! Nice and sunny with a cool breeze! Just the way I like it.

 My yummy in my tummy breakfast of Chillaquilles (its a Mexican dish)

 I think this is the Tribune Tower
                                                        I think this is the Wrigley Building

                                                           Trump Internation Tower Chicago
                                                        Marina City aka The Corn Cobs..it's really a city inside with a Movie theater, Parking lot, grocery store, dry cleaners, and gym
 River City the same concept as Marina City further down the south river and was supposed to be shaped like a serpent, but financers didn't like the idea so it was never fully completed. But it's like a city within a city, except this one has a boat marina under it.
 Sears Tower aka Willis Tower
Me, Jon (my cousins Pru's bf), my cuz Pru, my cuz Thomas, & my Aunt Denise
What I wore: Forever 21 Maxi dress & belt, Target sandals, Coach Purse, Tiffany ring & bracelet, Hamsa Moroccan bracelet

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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