Thursday, July 21, 2011

big apple cont.

 Ice Box Cake from Magnolia..The one sweet I crave!! 
 Chrysler building 

 Crazy parking structure! Watch out on that one! 

 YUCK!! Aged steak?!? seems unsanitary 
 Spicy Veggie Ramen from Totto Ramen!! 
 Miso Ramen...My cousin DID NOT enjoy it at all..she shared mine :) 
 U.S Women's Soccer team

 Soccer team again 
 another player 

 This guy creates beautiful pieces of art by using spray paint 

Some crappy Irish pub not even worth remembering, the CHICKEN pot pie tasted like PEA pot pie :( yuckkkkkkk I HATE PEAS!!! 
 YAY!! Chicago in the distance from the sky!! 
Birds eye view of the City that holds my heart :) 

Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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