Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quarter of a Century? You betchaaaaa!

Delayed post by a week since I haven't been at my desktop to upload pix AND I was out of town

This passed weekend was definitely a fun one! My Friday morning was spent hanging out in the City. Come Friday night I was at a local fest with my homies :). I love festivals they're probably my favorite part of summer in the city! The only reason I ever go to this particular fest is for the yummy artichoke casserole! OMG delish!! If you haven't noticed I'm a foodie ;). haha. Next time I will get a picture although its not all the pretty to look at. It's artichoke hearts, garlic, and bread crumbs from what I can tell. My friends and I ate good food, played games & had loads of laughs! Those are always the best of times. those are clearly fake ;)
 Make it Make it rain trickkkkkk
 Being Pervs!
 Knocked up!

Cabbage the Carnie Fish!
Saturday AM was spent working :(, but Saturday night was poppin! It was my friend David's 25th birthday! Majority of my friends and myself are slowly, but surely turning a quarter of a century old. OMGosh! Scaryyyy!! LOL..I can't believe we're all 5 yrs from 30 eeekk!! It feels like just last week I was with David and my friend Meg at Six Flags Great America, but damn time flies it's already been 6 yrs!! That's where me n David met, yet we had a friend in common, Gina. So we hit the club!! To dance our young hearts out! We also consumed some beverages, if you know what I mean. LOL. It has been so long since I hit up a club I sure did miss it. We hit up Transit. 

Gina and I before we headed out to the club...yes, I wear glasses, but only for driving safely :) other than that I don't
 Me & Theresa one of my OLD friends' baby sisters that I randomly ran into

 A caught off guard moment! HAHA I look bogus!
Gina, the bday boy David, and myself..I'm obviously NOT ready 
The crew 
and another of the 3 of us
 Shots! Shots! Shots!
 David & I dancing
 Dancing again lol
 just being cheesy
 Taking a pic of Gina takin a pic
 Gina & David shakin it
Cheesyyyyyyyyy :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!! I hope you had a blast bc I know I did! 
Bisous Bisous, The Rockin GerRoccan: Arkia

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